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Stoos offers a highly trained multinational expert team with extensive experience in conflict areas like Syria and Ukraine, providing services such as TPM, capacity development, and economic empowerment. They have a vast professional network in MENA, Africa, and Eastern Europe, with gender-balanced teams and deep local knowledge, ensuring impactful and inclusive projects. Stoos maintains high standards through strict quality assurance, integrating lessons learned and best practices, and emphasizing timely execution of agreements. Uniquely, they offer both research and capacity-building services, fostering efficient collaboration. Their close field-office partnership has led to successful projects, especially in Syria, enhancing their competitive edge through gained experience.

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The core values of our firm are integrity and transparency

We offer a range of services tailored to support your organization’s goals and objectives. Our comprehensive approach guarantees effective solutions and measurable results.

Research and Development

Stoos pioneers in implementing innovative research methodologies, delivering insightful solutions that drive impactful change and that are solutions-based, enhancing locally driven changes.

Needs Assessment and Data Collection

Stoos supports its clients to conduct comprehensive and sectoral needs assessment to inform their programming and better design programmes and interventions.

Third-Party Monitoring and Evaluation

Stoos is a leading consulting company that conducts eective, transparent, and accountable TPM services, ensuring robust TPM and evaluation strategies for optimal organizational growth, and enhanced donor and community accountability and development.

Economic Empowerment & Entrepreneurship

Stoos champions economic empowerment and entrepreneurship for sustainable development. We support clients in delivering programs and projects through tailored services in community empowerment, livelihoods, and entrepreneurship.


Stoos works to empower organizations worldwide, enabling them to transcend boundaries and create lasting impact within the communities they serve.


We aspire to be the driving force behind a global transformation, where every organization achieves unparalleled effectiveness, efficiency, and sustainability in their endeavors.
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We prioritize quality in all our offerings, ensuring they meet the highest standards. Confidentiality is crucial, maintaining trust with our clients and partners. We embrace innovation to deliver cutting-edge solutions that shape industries.


Our culture values commitment and accountability, driving us to exceed expectations and achieve excellence. These principles guide our continuous improvement and sustainable success.
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At Stoos Consulting, our mission is to serve as a steadfast guardian of accountability, supporting organizations to uphold unwavering responsibility towards their donors and the communities affected by conflicts and crises.


Rooted in integrity and guided by empathy, we are dedicated to fostering transparency, trust, and positive transformation in every endeavor.
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About Us

Established on 18th March 2019, Stoos Consulting stands as a pioneering international consulting company headquartered in the vibrant heart of Turkey, Istanbul. Rooted in a legacy of expertise and localized knowledge, Stoos emerges as a solutions-focused consulting firm, offering a spectrum of superior services tailored for diverse clientele.

Our goal

our goal is to have client relationships that last for a lifetime

An international consulting company that works in different countries through a well-qualified and trained network of field researchers and local experts in different areas of expertise.

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There has been a significant development in the field of expertise among our staff, which has been acquired while working in difficult access areas in the MENA, Eastern Europe, and Africa. They hold outstanding credentials in their various and broad areas of expertise, including highly specialized and local forms, international experience, and academic studies. At Stoos's Turkey office, seventeen highly qualified staff members and long-term consultants are specialized in various development fields, such as international development, conflict resolution, organizational development, statistics, economics, and political science. Stoos encourages and supports its staff to expand their knowledge and skills. Stoos offers staff free training opportunities every year and encourages them to train others in their skills. Several staff at Stoos are also enrolled in higher education courses related to their roles within the organization.
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Improve the efficiency, effectiveness and impact of your interventions and programmes Skilled local teams of expert researchers.

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